Artist Statement

My work is rough to the touch, 


Much like life and nature, 
my work looks like chaos 
combined with structured shapes 
that calm the view. 


It’s the art of 
d i s a s s e m b l i n g
 and reassembling
that I try to paint about;
How to find truth between the layers.


How do you find truth between layers?


I work spontaneously and intuitively.
I like to let ‘accidents’ happen and then use them,

tossing out perfectionism and leaving what one might consider a mistake

e   x   p   o   s   e   d,

and in plain view.


I have an instinct as an artist to simultaneously engage in life and escape from it;
To show myself yet hide myself at the same time.
But just as nature constantly and continuously reorganizes itself,
shifting in and out of coherence,
I myself try to take part in the delightful game and ongoing discovery of our
interconnectedness with nature and its laws:


Observing everything, making note of what I see, 

how I feel, and the thoughts that follow –  

then I paint.